Beyond the Curtain

Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX

Over the last several years I’ve spent the months of May and December as a part-time graduation photographer. Even when I lived out of state during grad school, the company flew me back once for a ceremony. Last year, I even did work in the office writing actions in Photoshop to process all the images. That particular part of the job was pretty miserable, but the shooting hasn’t been the worst. It’s starting to get old, but the one thing I always kind of enjoy is being behind the scenes.

Starting last year, I would occasionally bring my own camera along with me and take photos. It usually requires the use of a tripod, as backstage areas tend to be pretty dimly lit. This particular ceremony took place at Houston’s Reliant Stadium. It’s a huge place and I was glad I’d brought the camera along. The black curtains they used to split the stadium in half were enormous.